more helpful hints On Saturday night, the battle of the tigers between LSU and Auburn came to a wild ending at Jordan-Hare Stadium.  With 2:50 left in the fourth quarter, LSU drove down the field to the AUB 20.  It was fourth down when LSU completed a pass for a first down to the AUB 2.  Then the referee called an illegal shift on the offense so LSU had one more chance with 0:01 left.  LSU quarterback Danny Etling passed it to wide receiver D.J. Chark for a TD.  But wait just a minute folks, did you notice the clock?  The clock turned to 0:00 before the snap.  While all of the LSU players were celebrating on the field, Auburn head coach Gus Malzhan was saying “Review it, review it.”  After the official review, the officials ruled the catch was in bounds but they didn’t get the snap off in time.  Then the excited Auburn football players started celebrating on the field and with the students in the stands.  And that was final.  How would you feel if you were LSU?  How would you feel if you were Auburn after the final ruling?