This past November (2019), I experienced probably the most exciting game I’ve ever gone to in my 14 years on this Earth. The Iron Bowl, one of the greatest games ever played. Auburn – Alabama, two in-state rivals fighting for basically the ultimate title of sports in the great state of Alabama. I am so thankful I got to witness this awesome, very intriguing game. Here’s my story of my 2019 Iron Bowl experience.

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving that my dad and I made our regular pit stop, Krystal, on the way to Auburn. It was a tradition that each time we go to Auburn, it’s a necessity that we get our three scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, and a biscuit. After that we continued on our way to Auburn.

I’m always ecstatic when we enter the loveliest village on the plains. I absolutely love Auburn and I’m probably the biggest Auburn fan you will ever meet. Leading up to the game, we went inside Auburn Arena, we looked in some bookstores, Tiger Walk, and one of my favorite parts of college football games, tailgating. The food, the energy, the rowdiness, and the music are just a few things I love about it. Then we went to Toomer’s Corner, the place to be in Auburn. It was absolutely rockin’ and we couldn’t even get Toomer’s lemonade.

After all that, it was time to enter Jordan-Hare Stadium. I had my orange and navy eye-black on along my white Cam Newton Auburn jersey. I felt the immediate electricity as I walked through the tunnel as the beautiful Pat-Dye Field catches your eye. Two teams, warming up on opposite sides of the field, each player locked in and ready for what will be a tough battle every second of the game.

My view in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

The Iron Bowl intro always gives me the chills, the importance and the competitiveness of the game all compiled into one short video. Seconds later, both teams came storming out of their respective locker rooms. The combination of cheering and booing were filling the air. Before you know it, the football was placed on the tee ready to be kicked off. The mixture of WARRRRR and ROLLLLLL just waiting to yell EAGLE, HEY and TIDE, ROLL!

If you are reading this post, I’m assuming you know the story line of the game. Bo Nix and Mac Jones fighting it out while both defenses just could not hold up the opposing offense. But let’s fast forward a bit toward the end of the game…

It was 2 minutes remaining in regulation, Tide down by 3, Joseph Bulovas trotting out to attempt a 30-yard field goal. The Auburn defense had fought the entire drive, including a huge play by future top 10 NFL Draft pick, Derrick Brown. It all came down to one… final… kick. Simple right? Well…. the history of Alabama kickers overall is not pretty, especially in Jordan-Hare. Crowd going wild, perfect snap, perfect place, the kick… then it hit… dead on. Now better known as “The Doink”. The second it ricocheted off of the left goal post, the crowd of 87,400 erupted. Stadium shaking, drinks flying in the air, shakers being shaken a million MPH. Then the moment the “invincible” Nick Saban got outsmarted on an outstanding trick play, with the game ending in an illegal substitution? Yes, you heard it right. Jaylen Waddle, back deep to receive a punt on a play that was never even going to happen. I bet you didn’t know Gus Malzahn had that in his back pocket did you? Bo Nix knew it, Gus knew it, we all knew it.. the moment the ref pulled that flag out of his pocket and onto the field. Nick Saban was completely livid. And to be honest, we love to see it. And just like that, Alabama was out of the College Football Playoff conversation.

When that clock hit 0:00, the field suddenly turned from green to a sea of orange and blue. Fans rushing the field, a lovely sight to see at a football game. Then the annual Rammer Jammer after each Iron Bowl. Every Auburn fan yelling at the top of their lungs, every Bama fan listening to a chant in which is very painful to their ears.

Aftermath of rushing the field.

Then it was our turn to rush the field, and it was an amazing feeling. My dad and I were having so much fun, taking pictures left and right. Soon enough, security was telling people to clear the field. We walked to the exit on the opposite side of the field just because why not. And I’m so glad we did because…!!

Me celebrating on the field!
Me and my dad on the field!

I have been watching SEC Network and ESPN for sooooo long. Every Saturday morning in the fall, I’m tuned in to College Gameday and SEC Nation. And every time I watch SEC Nation, I always admire how Laura Rutledge hosts the show and how she analyzes everything about college sports so well. And that’s exactly who we saw exiting the field. She was getting ready for a post-game live shot. I asked for a picture and the rest was history. I couldn’t believe that had just happened. I was SO HAPPY!!

Picture with Laura Rutledge!!

Then to top it all off, we saw Marlon Davidson (Auburn DE), future Atlanta Falcon, and Daniel Thomas (Auburn DB), future Jacksonville Jaguar, running across the field to the Tiger locker room. They ran literally right by me and I quickly said “Marlon!” and he ran back to me to give me a fist bump!! Really nothing crazy about that, I just thought it was cool.

Then we went to roll Toomer’s, which was soon to be a winter wonderland later that night. After each win, the heart of Auburn would be glowing with white toilet paper hanging from the trees and traffic posts. It was purely astonishing.

One tree at Toomer’s Corner!!

Then was the traditional Waffle House in which we got there at about almost midnight.

We drove home Sunday morning and I’ll tell ya, I had zero interest in going to school the the following day.

To wrap it all up, this was my Iron Bowl experience this past college football season! This was an awesome game, and I got to sit their and watch it happen right before my eyes! And to make it even better, I met Laura Rutledge!! If y’all enjoyed comment and buy modafinil fast subscribe by conocer a gente de albuñuelas putting in your email on the right hand side (only on computers)!! Thanks for reading!!