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Week 5 of College Football

What do you think about the Tennessee vs. Georgia game? The game was two teams with horrible defenses. What do you think about the ending?

Wild Ending

On Saturday night, the battle of the tigers between LSU and Auburn came to a wild ending at Jordan-Hare Stadium.  With 2:50 left in the fourth quarter, LSU drove down the field to the AUB 20.  It was fourth down when LSU completed a pass for a first down to the AUB 2.  Then the referee called an illegal shift on the offense so LSU had one more chance with 0:01 left.  LSU quarterback Danny Etling passed it to wide receiver D.J. Chark for a TD.  But wait just a minute folks, did you notice the clock?  The clock turned to 0:00 before the snap.  While all of the LSU players were celebrating on the field, Auburn head coach Gus Malzhan was saying “Review it, review it.”  After the official review, the officials ruled the catch was in bounds but they didn’t get the snap off in time.  Then the excited Auburn football players started celebrating on the field and with the students in the stands.  And that was final.  How would you feel if you were LSU?  How would you feel if you were Auburn after the final ruling?

Your Top Four

After week 1, week 2, and week 3, heading into week 4, I want to hear your top four in college football. While you are answering the question, please try NOT to look at the at the official ap polls. Answer this question by Saturday, September 24.

Your Thoughts

Since this week is the opening week of SEC football, I want to hear your thoughts on Alabama vs. Ole Miss. I think that even though Ole Miss has beat Alabama the last two years, I think that Alabama will pull it off. Alabama’s defense dominates other offenses. Think about it, Alabama defense held USC to six points and only 64 rushing yards! Also against Western Kentucky they held them to 23 rushing yards. Meanwhile, Ole Miss is losing by 11 points when they are leading by 15 points at the half! What’s up with that? I believe that Alabama is going to be the best they’ve ever been with Nick Saban this year. But, I also believe that Ole Miss will play a great game, too. What do you think?   #alabamadefense

We Have A Winner!

We have a winner for the LSU vs. Wisconsin football game. The winner is LCT! LCT, please check your email for more information.    #lsuwisconsin

Contest!! For $25 gift card

I am sorry for being two days late for the next question.  This contest is also for a $25 gift card to Academy Sports.  The question is in week 1 of the 2016-2017 college football season between the LSU Tigers and the Wisconsin Badgers,  who do you think will take that game?  All answers are due by September 1, 2016.

No Winners

The contest for a $25 gift card to Academy Sports has no winners.  There will be another competition on Wednesday, July 6.

Contest for a $25 gift card!

This contest is for a $25 dollar gift card to Academy Sports! Predict the two teams that will be in the College World Series Championship (2 out of 3 series) and the winner.  Also…predict the scores of the 2-3 games in the series.  The participant that predicts the closest will earn a $25 dollar gift card to Academy Sports.  Please write your predictions in the comments section by Noon on Monday, June 20th.  Be sure to include  your first and last name.  Tell all of your friends about it… Because it’s about to get real!!


In the NCAA Baseball CWS,  I predict Arizona over Oklahoma State in the bracket one finals and TCU over Florida in bracket two.  In the championship series,  I predict Arizona over TCU.  I PREDICT THE WILDCATS  WILL TAKE HOME THE TROPHY!!


NCAA Baseball Tournament Regional Winner Predictions

sites Gainesville Regional


Fildena super active review Tallahassee Regional

Florida State

Raleigh Regional

Coastal Carolina

Baton Rouge Regional


Lubbock Regional

Texas Tech

Charlottesville Regional


College Station Regional

Texas A&M

Louisville Regional


Nashville Regional


Columbia Regional


Clemson Regional

Oklahoma State

Starkville Regional

Mississippi State

Lafayette Regional


Oxford Regional


Coral Gables Regional



What are your picks, even for the College World Series?



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