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Your Mid Season College Football Playoff Predictions Heading into week 7, I want to know what your college football top four is.  There are many surprises this season and I want to know what you think about them.  Here are my top 4 and next four out:

buy clomid and serophene Top 8:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Georgia
  4. Penn State
  5. TCU
  6. Auburn
  7. Miami
  8. Washington State

chloroquine tablet buy Comment what your top 4 are!

Clemson Surprise

Many fans were surprised that Clemson topped Louisville 47-21, yes, that bad.  Some fans and reporters are saying that this year’s team is better that than last year’s national championship team.  No.  Defense, maybe.  But offense, no.  The Tigers miss Wayne Gallman, Mike Williams, and Deshaun Watson.  Some people are even saying Kelly Bryant is better than Deshaun Watson.  Yes he can throw the long ball and yes he can run. But nobody is better than Deshaun Watson.  Watson completed 67% of his passes and had 629 total rush yards last year. Watson averaged 306.2 passing yards per game and 41.9 rushing yards per game last year.  Now defense.  Sure they miss Ben Boulware and Carlos Watkins. But this year’s defensive front is more experienced, bigger, and better.

Teams That Will Beat Bama

Since the start of the 2014-15 college football season, the Alabama Crimson Tide has gone 22-2 in the SEC.  Dominant, right?  But I think this is the year that Alabama will not be the team that everyone talks about as the dominant team, but as the team that surprisingly has one, perhaps two regular season losses.  Everyone is talking about LSU and Auburn having the best chances to beat Alabama this year.  But I don’t think that LSU has a quarterback that can manage Alabama’s defense. Danny Etling is a decent quarterback, but still has some work to do . They definitely have a running back that is a Heisman contender.  I think Auburn has all the pieces.  Jarrett Stidham is the main hype on the Plains.  His deep ball is his weapon.  His mobility is underrated, also.  Kam Pettway and Kerryon Johnson both finished in the top 15 in the SEC in rushing yards last year.  “Best running back duo you could have,” said Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham.  The D-line and the O-line are packed with talented players.  Lastly, the Wide receivers.  The receivers are everything from tall to quick to fast.  I will predict that the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers will will top the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Who do you think has the best chance of beating Alabama?

Your Heisman

Football season is just a few weeks away, and I want to know what your top three nominees are for the 2017-18 football season.  Here are my picks:

1.  Sam Darnold, USC

2.  Kam Pettway, Auburn

3.  Jalen Hurts, Alabama

What is your top three?

SEC: What team will…

1. What team will have the quarterback with the most passing yards?  My answer: Jarrett Stidham,  Auburn

2. What team will have the quarterback with the most rushing yards? My answer: Nick Fitzgerald,  Miss St

3. What team will go undefeated in the SEC?  My answer: Auburn Tigers- The Iron Bowl winner will be the only undefeated team in the SEC.

4. Which team in the SEC east and which team in the SEC west could surprise everyone and win their division? My answer: East- Kentucky  West- Texas A&M

5. What SEC team(s) will make the 2017-18 College Football Playoffs? My answer: Alabama and Auburn

Please comment your opinion/answers to these questions.  Stay tuned for my next post. Thank you!

Surprises in the Supers

Have you thought about the upsets in the 2017 NCAA baseball regionals?  Some examples are Missouri State, Davidson, and Sam Houston St.  Some people might say that it was not a surprise that Vanderbilt won the Clemson regional.  But Clemson had a very talented team.  Who do you think was the biggest surprise in the regionals or made the best run?


It is sad to see the 2016-17 college football season end so quickly, yet I am excited to see the Clemson Tigers win the national championship.  I’m already pumped for next season.  This year had plenty of excitement.  Do you think that this year was exciting?  If so, I want to hear your favorite highlight of the college football season.  My favorite highlight of the 2016-17 season was when Penn State blocked the field goal and ran it back for a touchdown to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes 21-24.  Comment to tell me your favorite highlight of the 2016-17 college football season.

Takes All the Fun Out of It

Have you ever wondered why your college football team keeps losing to “that one team?”  I think “that one team” this year is the Alabama Crimson Tide.  If are a fan of college football, you probably know what I mean.  When your team plays Alabama or you’re watching Alabama play a random team, do you notice something? I do.  I notice how the Tide  dominates literally EVERYBODY!  It frustrates me so badly.  Does it you?  And you know who starts all that, right?  Head coach Nick Saban.  I’m not an Alabama fan, but Nick Saban is the best coach in all of college football, right along with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney.  Do you agree?  And last, I think Alabama is so dominating that they take all of the fun out of it.  I also think that it is bad for college football.  Seriously, they shut out Michigan State 38-0 in a playoff semifinal game!  Then, they won by 46 points against USC in the opening game of the 2016-17 season.  Do agree with me that Alabama takes the fun out of college football?

What Do You Think?

The College Football Playoff Top 10:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Michigan
  4. Texas A&M
  5. Washington
  6. Ohio State
  7. Louisville
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Auburn
  10. Nebraska

In this Top 10, I think that Ohio State will lose by 3 points to Nebraska. I think J.T. Barret and his offense will score only 21 points and Nebraska will score 24 points. Who do you think will lose in the top 10? What do you think the score will be?

Ohio State vs. Penn State

On Saturday, #2 Ohio State played at Penn State.  Ohio State drove down the field and set up in field goal formation with 4:38.  It was blocked by Penn State’s Grant Haley blocks the field goal and runs it back 60 yards for a touchdown.  On the next and last OSU drive, it was not pretty.  JT Barret was sacked on 3rd and 4th down.  When Penn State got it back and took a knee, Penn State fans stormed the field.  Do you think the Penn State fans should of stormed the field?  Why or why not?

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